Ferendir Miar – Arch Holder


The matriarch of House Miar and the Arch Holder of Leacianus. Ferendir is responsible for all matters of Science and Faith throughout the High Elven kingdom. She is one of the oldest of Leacianus’ noble house rulers, having lived since the early days of the First Era, remembering a time when the Colossals were still an empire. That is a long past memory now, for the new empires of Men crowd around her kingdom, challenging her faith and diluting pure Leacianan sorcery with their own bastardised casting methods. She welcomed the Liturium War at first, hoping to tear down the alliances Artorian had spent years forging. Now it seems her own walls will be torn down around her.

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The full story

Ferendir Miar – Arch Holder

Ferendir Miar was born in the early days of the First Era, as the scion of the prestigious House Miar. A prodigy from a young age, she showed immense prowess in the arts of magic and the divine, drawing the attention of the Arch Holder of her time. The Arch Holder recognized her potential and took her under his wing, nurturing her talents and grooming her for a future in the highest echelons of Leacianan society. As she grew older, her power and influence grew with her, her mastery over The Breath being almost unparalleled. The foundations for her unwavering faith in the superiority of the High Elven race and their magical abilities were laid down during this formative period.

During her centuries-long life, Ferendir witnessed the rise and fall of empires, the ebb and flow of power among the races of Tharador. These experiences only served to strengthen her belief in the preeminence of the High Elves and their duty to protect the purity of their magic. This conviction led her to take a more proactive role in the shaping of Leacianus, eventually ascending to the position of Arch Holder. As Arch Holder, she became responsible for matters of science and faith throughout the kingdom, a responsibility she took to heart.

In her time as Arch Holder, Ferendir found a kindred spirit in Valius Hanar, the Arch Marshall. The two shared a mutual disdain for the human kingdoms, their diluted magic, and the alliances they forged with the other races of Tharador. Ferendir saw these alliances as a direct threat to the purity and power of the High Elven race. Together, she and Valius plotted to undermine these alliances, organizing the sacking of Liturium caravans that transported the anti-magic metal through Belfrie and Formen. When their treachery was discovered, Valius himself slew King Hjolmir I of Formen, framing his messengers as his murderers before disappearing. The truth came forward despite their efforts, and Formen declared war against Leacianus soon after, with Belfrie allying with their human neighbours.

Initially, Ferendir welcomed the Liturium War, believing that it would give her the chance to tear down the alliances that Artorian had spent years forging and restore the High Elves to their rightful place as the preeminent race of Tharador. However, as the war dragged on and the Coalition forces breached the once-impregnable Dome, Ferendir’s confidence began to waver. The once impenetrable walls of her city now loomed over her, vulnerable to the siege of the Coalition forces.

As she watches the siege unfold, Ferendir is plagued with doubt and uncertainty. She is torn between her unwavering belief in the superiority of her people and the bitter realization that her actions may have sealed their doom. In her heart, she knows that her city, her people, and the legacy of the High Elves hang in the balance, and she must decide whether to stand firm in her convictions or to adapt and forge a new path for the future of Leacianus.

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