Vastergotten – Grand Lancer


A Mastanian Orc that took on the name of a renowned and famous Orc that lived and died some sixty years ago, one of the heroes of Belfrie who had dispelled the demonic infestation at the Tower of Ardris. Vastergotten however is not the holy hero he was named after, and rather fits into the Orcish stereotype of having a penchant for big weapons and fighting powerful foes. The bigger the foe, the bigger the weapon – and Leacianus has some very big foes.

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The full story

Vastergotten – Grand Lancer

Vastergotten was the name this Orc chose to embrace when he arrived on Belfrie’s mainland from Mastania, as is the tradition with all orcs – a “common” name is taken as their Orcish names are often nigh impossible to pronounce for the other races unless they happen to be well versed in Orcish.

Vastergotten chose his name from an Orc folk hero in Belfrie that was responsible for cleansing the Tower of Ardris of demons almost sixty years ago. This Vastergotten of old became an anointed saint of Erdrydion for his actions, and his weapon was preserved as a religious artifact. The young Vastergotten of today however, has little care for this. He liked the idea of an Orc defeating an army of demons: for one orc to defeat an army of unholy fiends was inspiring to him.

Originally, Vastergotten joined the World Explorer’s and Hunter’s League as a Hunter, travelling across all of Tharador and delving into many dark ruins. It was here that he had to protect the exploration parties he travelled with, defeating many enormous enemies with a trusty lance that continued to grow as the enemies he fought grew bigger. He soon found himself addicted to fighting such enormous enemies.

When the Liturium War erupted, Vastergotten was called as a levy from Mastania to join as part of the Orc regiments for Belfrie, but his insane combat prowess had him reassigned as a specialist made for destroying large constructs and arcane wyrms or dragons that the High Elves threw at coalition forces. Again he added to his lance in this time, refining it even more and commissioning an artificer from the University of Ardris to add a magical infused tip that would explode on activation against targets of Vastergotten’s choice.

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