Thrones of the Leacianan Triarchs


The three levitating thrones of the Leacianan Triarchs are more than seats of power; they are tangible embodiments of their reign. Each is meticulously crafted upon the ruler’s ascendancy, uniquely reflecting the essence of its occupant. These thrones not only inspire their subjects but also serve as constant reminders of the distinct powers that guide Leacianus.

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Thrones of the Leacianan Triarchs

Ferendir’s Throne:
Ferendir’s levitating throne reflects her age, wisdom, and the dual domains of science and faith she oversees. Crafted from an ancient, deep-brown wood imbued with intricate, silver inlays, the throne bears an ethereal quality that blends the arcane with the natural. Shaped with an organic curvature that echoes the elegance and fluidity of high Elven architecture, the throne seems to pulse with a faint, cool luminescence — the manifestation of her lifelong devotion to the pure form of Leacianan sorcery. Embedded within its frame are several precious gemstones, each resonating with a different frequency of Minera’s Breath. They serve as a physical testament to her deep understanding of both arcane science and faith, always ready to lend their power to the Matriarch.

Valius’s Throne:
Valius Hanar’s throne bears the weight of his martial prowess and strategic acumen. Forged from a blend of hardened Liturium and iron, the levitating throne feels robust, unyielding, and perhaps, a tad somber. Its surface is marked with an elaborate network of battle scars, each telling a story of conflict, survival, and raw power. Etched into the cold metal are intricate maps of the realm and its surroundings, illustrating Valius’s all-encompassing sense of responsibility for Leacianus’ security. Two crossed glaives, symbolizing his martial command, are engraved at the headrest, and under the dim light of the throne room, the throne emanates a subdued, dark-purple glow – an unspoken reminder of the Arch Marshall’s readiness for war.

Artorian’s Throne:
Reflecting his relatively recent ascendancy and his affinity for diplomacy, Artorian’s throne is a marvel of contemporary design and craftsmanship. The levitating throne, while made from polished white marble, seems almost weightless, embodying his determination to uplift his people in these dire times. Gold trims encircle the throne, interspersed with symbols representing the various races that make up the Coalition forces, illustrating his belief in unity and peaceful co-existence. The headrest displays a finely chiseled dove, a universal emblem of peace, indicating his preference for negotiation over conflict. The throne softly radiates a warm, inviting light, reflecting Artorian’s open and compassionate leadership style. Despite its modern appearance, the throne also carries subtle nods to the ancient traditions of his people, hinting at the new Arch Holder’s deep respect for the past.

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