King Hjolmir II – King of Formen


The King of Formen and the man who declared war against the High Elves of Leacianus after they assassinated his father and framed Belfrian messengers as his murderers. Hjolmir has been itching to place the skulls of the Leacianan Triarchy on his throne, and now he may finally get his chance: justice and vengeance will be dealt in Nirloom this day, Hjolmir is sure of it.

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The full story

King Hjolmir II – King of Formen

Before he was crowned King, Hjolmir II was dubbed Jolmbrod by this father, Hjolmir I. His father raised Hjolmir well, and the young prince oversaw their homeland of Formen when his father and the Four Alliances travelled to the forsaken Duskweave Isle in joint war against the undead. Hjolmir was barely a man then, thirteen winters to his name, yet was charged to run a kingdom with the help of only a handful of advisors. Still, he did fine in the time his father was campaigning, and he learnt much about statecraft and handling the logistics of reinforcing his father’s armies overseas.

Prince Jolmbrod came to grow a love and affinity for Elven culture after the alliances made with Leacianus and Nan Thalias in that time. It was Celathyn, the princess of Nan Thalias that instilled this love in him: she taught the young prince Elvish, and Elven sword fighting and marksmanship which enhanced his already apt swordsmanship, allowing him to change styles between his brutal and overwhelming Formeni Onslaught style and the elegant and dexterous Elven Sword Dance, making him a dangerous opponent for any enemy, be they quick or strong. When Celathyn felt her training with Prince Jolmbrod had concluded, she gifted him a warbow from the First Era which she had adorned with the World Tree crest of the Hardmire clan on it.

Though Prince Jolmbrod’s heart was betrayed when his father was slain five years after the events of Duskweave Isle. The young prince was blinded with rage, jailing the three Belfrian messengers that had been present in the room of the dead king, ready to declare war on Belfrie. He stewed in grief for a time before calming words of Celathyn came to him. Thus he sought out the messengers to hear their story, and finding in their belongings proof that Leacianus had been responsible for the Liturium caravans that were being sacked in Formen and thus came to believe the story of the messengers that Valius Hanar himself had slain King Hjolmir as they delivered that message to him.

War was declared soon after, Jolmbrod ascending to the throne and taking the name King Hjolmir the Second in honour of his father, so that his name may be carry on through the fires of war. Many still called the young king Jolmbrod in this time, though he did not halt it, for both names now were his. Belfrie’s King Trendium joined Hjolmir II in the war, and together they fought on against the High Elves of Leacianus for four years. Now the war finally draws to an end, and Hjolmir longs for the day where he can personally sever the head of each of the three triarchs of Leacianus, though for Valius he will ensure the death is slow and painful.

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