Valius Hanar – Arch Marshall


The Arch Marshall of Leacianus and an unparalleled warrior. Valius Hanar has time and again proven why he is the ruler of Leacianus’ military and one of the three Triarchs. Even against both Ferendir and Artorian he is confident he would best them. He personally assassinated King Hjolmir I of Formen, ultimately beginning the Liturium War with his actions. He commanded his troops to plentiful victories at the war’s start, despite being heavily outnumbered. But now attrition weighs down on them all, and Valius now feels he must face the full retribution of his actions.

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The full story

Valius Hanar – Arch Marshall

Arch Marshall of Leacianus and the patriarch of the noble House Hanar, Valius Hanar was born to a family with a proud military tradition. His father, a renowned commander, instilled in him the values of discipline, strategy, and loyalty to the elven kingdom. From a young age, Valius exhibited a rare talent for leadership and tactical thinking, quickly gaining the respect of his peers and elders alike. As he honed his skills, his mastery over the arcane arts only enhanced his prowess on the battlefield, making him a formidable force in his own right.

Throughout his years of service, Valius came to be respected for his tactical acumen and unwavering commitment to the prosperity of Leacianus. However, despite his exemplary record, his growing concerns about the threats posed by the surrounding human kingdoms led him to seek ever more powerful means of defense for his homeland. It was during these times that he formed a close alliance with Ferendir Miar, the Arch Holder of Leacianus, whose expertise in science and faith greatly contributed to the development of potent arcane weaponry and automatons.

Following his rise through the ranks of the Leacianan military, Valius’ exceptional abilities did not go unnoticed by the ruling Triumvirate. As he led his troops to numerous victories and demonstrated a keen understanding of international affairs, the Nirloom and Arch Holder began to consider him as a prime candidate for the role of Arch Marshall. Eventually, his moment arrived when the previous Arch Marshall retired, leaving a vacancy for the prestigious position. Valius was presented to the Triumvirate, and after a series of rigorous trials and assessments, he was officially appointed as the Arch Marshall of Leacianus. With this new role, Valius took on the responsibility of overseeing the kingdom’s military and international relations, further strengthening his bond with Ferendir Miar as they collaborated to safeguard their homeland.

Together, Valius and Ferendir shared a vision of a secure and prosperous Leacianus, untainted by the influence of humans and their bastardized casting methods. When the opportunity to sabotage the Liturium supply chain of their human allies presented itself, Valius saw it as a chance to weaken the human kingdoms and solidify the superiority of Leacianus. However, their betrayal was uncovered and Valius felt forced to assassinate the King of Formen as he learned of the betrayal, for the Leacianan gifts held by the monarchs could be used as focal points of scrying for Valius or his subordinates. Valius thus teleported into King Hjolmir’s study, slew him where he sat and thrust blade into the hands of one of the messengers who had delivered the report on the Leacianan betrayal.

Though all this did was delay the inevitable, and invoke an even greater and angrier bear from its slumber than if Valius had simply done nothing. In the years following the beginning of the war, Valius has become haunted by the consequences of his choices. His once unshakeable confidence has been eroded by the mounting losses and the looming threat of defeat, as the Coalition forces besiege his beloved city. He has withdrawn from public life, his absence from Cad Arian stirring whispers and speculation amongst the populace.

As Valius faces the prospect of an all but certain defeat, he has come to believe that the only way to atone for his actions is to meet an honorable death in defense of his city. With a heavy heart, Valius prepares to face the enemy head-on, determined to fight until his last breath for the people and the kingdom he has devoted his life to.

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