Ardolinth – Hardshell Abomination


The Psyflayers had learned the science and art of gene splicing from their Goliath creators long before the empire’s fall. With it they were able to begin crafting their own monstrosities from what they could find around them. Greypeak Mudcrabs served as an excellent base, when mixed with their own genes to create the Hardshells, monstrous crab-like beings that also possessed psychic affinity like their creators.

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The full story

Ardolinth – Hardshell Abomination

Psyflayers developed an affinity for gene splicing once their own creators had perished from the world. One of their most successful ventures was the Ardolinth, known as Hardshells by rangers and Goliaths that encountered them. Despite their seemingly cold-blooded nature these beings had no issues with Oldavor’s tundras and frozen plains, though still preferred the cavernous depths of ancient Goliath ruins and tunnels.

When encountered these beings unleash a horrendous deafening screech as combat begins, and are able to grow themselves twice as large when they are nearing their death in a last bid effort to incite fear into their foes. When a Hardshell perishes it unleashes a psychic moan that can stun all its enemies, making them a dangerous foe to encounter if fought alongside other Flayer variants and enemies.

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