Argulug – Eye of the Flayers


The all-seeing eye used by The Flayers to project their vision across all of Tharador. An abomination of mixed Fey, Kraken and Psyflayer genes this enormous beast is ever watchful. Paranoia always takes their mind for all that they see, and the form they despise most is their own appearance

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The full story

Argulug – Eye of the Flayers

Argulug first came to be long after the Psyflayers descended into the depths of Duoarastat. There they found research still mostly intact thanks to the Great Frost that entrapped Oldavor. A weapon intended to be used to spy on men from afar and even be able to teleport large forces there with this same creature. The Psyflayers completed the monstrosity as soon as they could, incubating Argulug in the largest pod they could find in the city’s ruins.

On awakening the creature was taken in and raised by the Psyflayers, using his latent nature exactly as intended but now to the will of the Psyflayers rather than the Goliaths. In Duoarastat’s deepest depths he wallows, the city’s darkest kept secret. A labyrinth sits before him and the surface, riddled with traps to both keep him in and keep trespassers out.

The nature of the Argulug is only what it knows, its mind has been tortured to believe any beings other than Psyflayers wish it dead for its hideous form, driving it into self despair at its own sight. However, reason could be used to fight the Argulug or turn it against its captors could it truly see the light.

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