Tygrin Char – War Chief


Chief of Pahadi, inherited from his father at death. Tygrin is a charismatic leader though often will allow his more dominant and rage-induced side to shine through at times that require a clear head. Though when mistakes are made in these times Tygrin will admit to his faults and take responsibility, earning him more respect than most other chiefs are garnered in other tribes.

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The full story

Tygrin Char – War Chief

War Chief is a title that has mostly lost its meanings in the Goliath tribes. War has not been something they have dealt with as a people for many centuries. War is what destroyed Goliath society twice over. Once when the Great Frost overtook their land, and again when thousands of Goliath warriors perished at the Battle of Steadfort, leaving many villages and towns through the land nearly empty and taking centuries to recover.

Still they grasp onto their war-like culture, and Tygrin is no exception to the rule, though perhaps a bench mark of future expectations of War Chiefs. Though like most he can be easily rage induced, he is one of few War Chiefs to ever take a step back to admit and apologise for his faults. Most times he displays himself as a charismatic leader who can easily dominate a conversation with intimidating flare and have his results merited through words rather than war. This is an example that sets the bounds for most Chiefs across Oldavor, and in the great councils in Seto, Tygrin is often the one who is heard most even if he says the fewest words.

Though he shouldn’t be taken only for a combatant of tongues, Tygrin is deft with his axes as well, and should his rage best him in the heat of combat he can become nigh unstoppable until the enemy before him is left completely motionless in a sprawl of blood and flesh. It is this rage that adds such intimidation into his words for those that know him, and results in the confidence behind his charisma.

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