Elthakar – Mind of the Shifters


The central hivemind of the Shapeshifters. Though each Shapeshifters has their own colonies and entities, they each answer to Elthakar, a Shapeshifter recovered by the Psyflayers that was tamed and taught. Unlocking a latent psionic ability after it consumed a Psyflayer, Elthakar now uses it to control and speak with Shapeshifters across Tharador to bring them sentience and direction. In Elthakar’s death many would resort to their beast-like state void of any intellect.

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The full story

Elthakar – Mind of the Shifters

The theory that rangers have of a Shapeshifter hivemind never seemed to be confirmed apart from certain learned behaviours the beasts would take. Though Elthakar’s existence has been known to the Goliaths of Pahadi for many years. There was a time where the Goliaths had brokered a peace with the creature, offering livestock to feed its ever growing army. But the hunger of such a ravenous beast could not be sated, and before long they found their people missing and returning as they did before.

Thus the Goliaths reintroduced the fire brand, a metal wire and rod used to create unique burn scars along Goliaths as they reach the end of childhood, marks unable to be duplicated by Shapeshifters and a way to kill Shapeshifters if they had in fact assumed the form of a Goliath child. This angered Elthakar greatly, who begun more consistent attacks and snatch attempts on the village of Pahadi, though in retaliation they begun creating perimeters of fire, too deadly for any Shapeshifters to cross to enter.

He now sets his sights on a single break for him to consume the entire village, though also concerns himself with the Shapeshifters that exist as his lieutenants that exist beyond the reaches of Oldavor. Those that have fledgling hives sprouting in Brightstone, Greypeak and Mayreth. Some still aided by Psyflayers to be transported as far south as Belfrie to begin their journey of total assimilation of the populations.

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