Thilinos – Elder Psyflayer


One of the first Psyflayers to be brought into the world. Thilinos was conscious for all this time of torment in the first age, and was one of the first instigators of the Psyflayer rebellion. Now he acts as a puppet master, an alpha Psyflayer that commands the rest spread across the continent who each have their tendrils dug into the minds of the elite.

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The full story

Thilinos – Elder Psyflayer

Born from Goliath gene splicing during the first era, Thilinos was one of the first successful creations of the dreaded Psyflayer. Psionic human, Goliath and other aberrant genes mixed to produce a slave race to the Goliaths that were superior warriors and workers of the mind than themselves. Unwilling to continue being subservient to creatures the Psyflayers deemed beneath them, they amassed their own forces and conducted experiments in secret away from their master’s prying eyes. As the Goliaths struggled with their war against the humans, even with Psyflayer aid, Thilinos and his kin began an uprising in the kingdom’s far east, away from the front lines of the war.

As their own campaign on Oldavor’s second front began, the Goliaths ended their civilization with the activation of the Vavanasai, freezing the empire permanently since. After this, Thilinos and his kind moved to the ruins of the ancient capital of Duoarastat, slaughtering any survivors within and using it as their base of operations. Thilinos acts as the alpha being, millennia old he keeps himself in suspended health through the use of incubation pods. Aiming to reign over all beings of Tharador, Thilinos has his followers sowing dissent into the ranks of Tharador’s elite, aiming to now start a continent engrossing war to severely weaken all kingdoms.

Calculating, brooding and highly intelligent, Thilinos is a foe that cannot be fooled, and is nigh impossible to persuade against his own causes and beliefs. If he were to ever step into a trap, it would only be to ensnare in the hunter that laid it.

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