Skrittit – Devourer of Wisdom


A scout and cannon fodder used by The Psyflayers. Though unassuming in appearance the small creatures known as Skrittits are able to easily kill an unarmed man and prove a formidable foe to even veteran fighters. Brains of Psyflayer subjects whose bodies have passed are fashioned horrendous limbs using Shapeshifters and placed under mind control to do the bidding of their masters. With jaws beneath them, they are capable of beheading a man quite easily and bringing the severed head back to the Psyflayers to create even more Skrittits.

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The full story

Skrittit – Devourer of Wisdom

The first Skrittit was created completely by accident. As a mind dominated individual of the Psyflayers began to perish in body, they did all they could to keep him alive for his knowledge of Watcher patrols was invaluable. However even their magics could not save him, so his brain was extracted, placed in an incubation tube and kept in suspension. With the help of Elthakar they were able to shift limbs and graft them to his brain, creating a new entity under their control.

It was this that they used to procure information, scout and sneakily dispatch sentries and guards from the shadows. With enormous jaws fitted beneath the beast, it became a deadly encounter for anyone unaware of its presence, able to climb up their shoulders and sever their head with a single bite. Within their jaws is a small pocket dimension cavity that is able to store a head for transportation back to the Psyflayers, where once again a brain is extracted and turned into another Skrittit.

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