Driga – Shaman Wise-Woman


The wise woman of Pahadi, Driga has lived longer than any others in the village though still retains an image of youth through ancient Goliath blood magic. She is the village healer, counselor and mentor to all, moreso than Chief Tygrin. Driga is more welcoming of outsiders than most, though their appearance is generally rarer than days of sun in Oldavor.

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The full story

Driga – Shaman Wise-Woman

Driga has lived a life longer than any other in Pahadi. She has seen twelve chiefs come and go in her time, living now with the generations of her grandchildren’s grandchildren. Though her appearance still holds still, time barring no blemishes to her skin or voice though the same cannot be said of her personality. A most divisive figure in the village, many younger ones call her a clone. Though those who have had their illnesses ended or the lives of loved ones saved hold much respect for her.

Approached for almost all forms of help in Pahadi, Driga provides counseling for matters of relationships, health, life decisions and grief. Chief Tygrin holds little love for her, feeling as though she tries to exert herself as the true leader of Pahadi, constantly undermining his own decisions and authority. It was this malice towards chiefs he observed in his grandfather and father before him, holding a constant distrust over the woman. Though to Driga these thoughts rarely come to her mind for she cares little of the Chiefs and their tiresome power struggles over their people. She sees it as only a further divide that prevents the reunification of Goliath society, though has long since given up on such a dream.

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