Yrinsel – Avatar of War


The nominated Champion to Horauthin of Pahadi, Yrinsel earned the title when she had bested her predecessor in combat. When Pahadi is faced with threat of Shapeshifters, Psyflayers or any of Oldavor’s other horrors she is the first of call. Her title brings great prestige and respect amongst the villagers though Yrinsel leads a humble life, not taking the prestigious yurt and land that comes with the title.

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The full story

Yrinsel – Avatar of War

Each Goliath tribe has an Avatar of Horauthin present, a representative of the Divine of War & Peace to watch over and protect each clan. This is a title that is inherited through trial of combat, and if an Avatar were to perish becomes a tribe-wide event as a tournament takes place where the victor is declared Horauthin’s Avatar. Yrinsel had taken hers from the Avatar before her: an aging warrior known as Sirik who had reigned as the Avatar for two decades undefeated.

After a time his position was one that was cemented in his wisdom, for though age withered him from being the mightiest warrior, he was still cunning in his dealings with Shapeshifters and their ilk, devising wicked traps, ambushes and tactics for dealing with them including the Fire Brand which became adopted throughout all the Oldavori clans to prevent Shapeshifter attacks. Yrinsel saw that though his mind was as sharp as any sword, he would surely fail in combat. So she challenged him to prove a point and in less than a minute of fighting had ended his life with a crushing blow to the chest.
Though the Pahadi respected the customs of Horauthin’s Avatars, they still held great disdain for this act of hers, though she felt no guilt for she knew Sirik’s wish would be to die in battle, not in bed. Though her mind is not cunning like her predecessor she is a tremendous fighter capable of summoning the flame of Erdrydion to her enormous warhammer Zurach and instilling the will of Horauthin in her as she fights. Her power as a warrior has earnt her respect despite the general disdain she holds, and for respect of Sirik and his family left behind she opted not to take the Avatar’s Dwelling, allowing Sirik’s family to remain there while she remained in her own dwelling.

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