Wajoski – Houndmaster


Direwolves have made themselves friends to Goliaths for centuries in Oldavor, for those that remained and did not migrate south from the endless white had little option but to ally with Goliaths. Wajoski himself is a loner, much of a social outcast who finds better company in direwolves than his own pack. He has earnt a trust and respect with them that most Goliaths would need to see to believe.

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The full story

Wajoski – Houndmaster

All societies have outcasts. Wajoski has chosen to take that burden for those in Pahadi. While the community around him is tight knit with trust and love, Wajoski has always felt as though he has been kept at arm’s reach by his kin. Never could he relate to the quarrels and gossip that would roam the village, caring not for the worries of others. Though neither could he relate to the times that were good, feeling confused at the prospect of festivals, ceremonies strive for valour that seemed to envelope the minds of all Goliath.

Simply, Wajoski existed to see new days. This was the purpose he found in becoming the tribe’s Houndmaster, a title bestowed to him simply because no one else wished to fulfil the role at the previous one’s passing. Wajoski found himself in good company with the Direwolves he was to care for. He admired their pride, their simple needs and envied the companionship they found in themselves. Though quickly he was given the same affection, seemingly given the title of an honorary pack member as the wolves would often embrace him at sight.

Finally Wajoski found the acceptance he had wished for. Though the wolves lived fast and bright, Wajoski came to befriend each one, caring for their injuries, their litters and their food. He was their carer and their friend. With him as Houndmaster the hunters of Pahadi found the Direwolves to be the best behaved they had ever been, loyal and unwavering even in the face of danger.

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