Ruins of Arkani – Ancient Anshani Walls


The Ruins of an old Anshani research post reclaimed by dense forest. This building’s original purpose is a mystery, thought to have housed a small garrison of Anshani researchers and agents centuries before the Great Departure. What they were doing is unclear, as the building itself was abandoned a few decades before the Departure, and all its records stripped clean. What remains is an empty shell, ripe for squatters of all sorts to call their home.

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The full story

Ruins of Arkani – Ancient Anshani Walls

In the heart of Arrakana’s forest stands the enigmatic Ruin of Arkani, a relic of the ancient Anshani. Once home to researchers delving into the unique energies of Arrakana, it’s now claimed by nature and its many unexpected residents.

Arkani’s original purpose is lost to time, though some believe it was a key research hub, akin to the Anshani lab under Berogtor that housed Goragora. It was strategically located away from populated regions, a safe distance for studying untamed power. However, its inhabitants disappeared mysteriously decades before the Anshani’s Great Departure, leaving no records, only an empty shell of a once bustling complex.

It’s said that Bruz the Basher’s father, a High Shaman, sought guidance from the spirits of this desolate place, but found only silence. His tales, combined with the ruin’s abrupt abandonment, painted a tapestry of mystery that continues to beguile the Orcs and other inhabitants of Minera.

In the wake of the Anshani’s absence, the forest swiftly reclaimed Arkani. Creeping vines wrapped around ancient stonework, and diverse fauna nested in the labyrinth of empty chambers. It transformed into a peculiar haven, a sanctuary for those with nowhere else to go. From the displaced to the dangerous, from cannibals and barbarian tribes to bandits and adventurous explorers, Arkani became a transient home. Its ever-changing occupants adding more layers to its storied history, making it a living chronicle of survival and adaptation. Despite its history and the lurking dangers, the Ruin of Arkani remains a magnet for those seeking shelter or driven by curiosity.

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