Goragora – Great Orcish War Beast


Goragora is one of several ancient Great Beasts that was kept in stasis by the Anshani for research purposes. When the Empire’s populace suddenly vanished, many stayed in their suspended state until they were discovered or awoke. Goragora was found by Gazza in the sands beneath Berogtor, the location of the Anshani Lab that held him memorized by Gazza during his own time living in an Anshani ruin. When the Great Beast awoke, its roar left several of Gazza’s Gore Boiz dead, and deafened many more. But Gazza was not dismayed. Using a shaman, he spoke to the beast and told it all that had happened in its time of sleep, asking it to join him in a pursuit of vengeance against the descendants of those who imprisoned it.

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The full story

Goragora – Great Orcish War Beast

Resembling an immense rhinoceros of yore, Goragora was one among the many Great Beasts held captive by the Anshani Empire in their arcane research facilities. These formidable creatures, suspended in time by advanced Anshani technology, were meticulously studied, their boundless power the subject of intense scrutiny.

Buried beneath the relentless sands of Berogtor, Goragora slumbered within an Anshani lab, untouched by the passage of eras. Following the inexplicable disappearance of the Anshani Empire, these hidden vaults were abandoned, leaving the Great Beasts to their dreamless sleep.

Gazza, an esteemed Warboss of the Yellow Orcs and well-versed in the mysteries of Anshani ruins, discovered this forgotten chamber during his travels through the arid landscape of Berogtor. The sight of Goragora, still entrapped within the age-old machinery, stirred a deep curiosity within the formidable orc. His own time in a deserted Anshani ruin, where he acquired both knowledge and strength, had left a profound impact on him.

The awakening of Goragora was a spectacle of power and awe. Its roar, powerful enough to kill, reverberated across the barren wastelands, felling many of Gazza’s Gore Boiz and deafening others. Yet, Gazza was not dismayed. In Goragora, he saw a symbol of resilience, a victim of the Anshani’s reckless ambition who, like himself, was forced to carve out an existence in a world abandoned by its former masters.

With the aid of a shaman, Gazza forged a connection with the beast. He spoke of the drastic changes that had transpired during Goragora’s forced slumber and painted a vivid picture of a world still in the clutches of the Anshani’s lingering legacy. Stirred by Gazza’s resolve, Goragora pledged allegiance to him, vowing to aid the orc in his quest for justice. Now Goragora is seen as a sort of mascot of Gazza’s Gore Boiz, a sight that lifts the hearts of all Orcs in his warband, and sinks dread into the stomachs of their foes. It revels in the chaos of the Orcs, seemingly empowered by their tenacity and penchant for destruction.

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