Mahogany – Ivory Bard


One of the Loran from Edrador’s far east. Mahogany is a young noble, barely an adult. His father is Heffir, the head of intelligence in the Elephant-folk kingdom of Loranox. Through a vast news network of town criers, writers and publishers, Heffir’s organisation, the Braka Zadoi, maintains complete control of information coming into and exiting their kingdom. Heffir’s official title is a journalist, but his “publishing” company is publicly known to have close ties to the crown, lest people attempt to anger them. Mahogany, naive to the true nature of his father’s work, wishes to be a journalist like him one day. Though his father has little time for Mahogany, and thus sent him Westward to study writing and magic with the Sun Elves of V’rena Nor. Through a series of mishaps and unfortunate events, Mahogany somehow found himself working in a mercenary company before he could even begin his studies.

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The full story

Mahogany – Ivory Bard

The land of Loranox is one shrouded in mystery. It is there that the Elephant-folk of Edrador, the Loran, call their home. At the head of this shroud is the Braka Zadoi, a publishing organisation with deep ties to the kingdom’s crown. It is deemed all written works created in, entering or exiting the kingdom must be approved by the Braka Zadoi. Anything that is not is deemed to be illegal material and is promptly destroyed or reviewed for ”fact checking.”

It is this organisation that Mahogany’s father, Heffir, is the leader of. Though Mahogany is young and extremely naive; he has very little knowledge of his father’s true job and purpose within Loran. In his eyes, his father is simply a master journalist and Heffir has never felt it was something he could tell his son, for his son was woeful at keeping secrets. But this inability to hide the truth is why Mahogany thinks he will be a fantastic journalist, uncovering hidden secrets and espousing the truth to the masses. Heffir could not dissuade his son of this passion, and in an attempt to simply make him indisposed, he sent Heffir for writing classes as far away from Loran as possible, far west to the Sun Elves of V’rena Nor.

Mahogany was thrilled to travel to such an exotic land to study the writings of the wise Elves and in turn learn ways he could wield magic to enhance his writing as well at the Bardic Universities there. Though fate would have it Mahogany would never arrive. The journey to the city of Rela was almost completely uneventful, but when Mahogany parted from the dock he was instantly seen as easy pickings by a street gang; his clothes were worth more than half the cargo in the boat he had sailed on.

After being abducted Mahogany was rescued by an unlikely group of mercenaries from the VVL that had been tracking the street gang for unwittingly stealing an Anshani artefact some weeks before. They rescued Mahogany, and noting his exuberant clothes and accessories, asked for a reward in the payment of one of his belongings. Refusing, Mahogany instead said he would pay them back by working with them, seeing this as a more noble payment than simply handing them his shoes or handkerchief. (Although each of those made of pure silk would fetch a sum worth a small house). Reluctant and annoyed, the VVL members agreed, and have lugged Mahogany around for the last six months because of it.

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