Froth the Belligerent


Hammer-for-hire and dedicated drink buyer. Felix (known always as Froth, who becomes even more belligerent if called by his name) is an elite mercenary of the VVL in Edrador. Arrakana has been his stomping ground since he was a child, and the face of it has changed drastically between Tharadori invasion and infighting between the remaining free cities of the land. Now with an Orc invasion added to the mix, Froth has his work cut out for him, and he’s gonna need a big drink when it’s all over.

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The full story

Froth the Belligerent

Growing up in the broken state of Arrakana is a dire childhood for most. But for Felix it was as though he had lived it before. He killed his first highwayman at age ten when two bandits pulled daggers on him as he was hunting for hares in the forests near Okh. All he had on him was a knife and a hammer plus his traps. One bandit went down with a knife stuck in his throat, the other went down with two broken knees from the hammer. He was hung from the gallows the following day.

It was here when Felix realised he might be better at hunting people than hares. His parents perished from an outbreak of Bloodlung two years after this event, so Froth became charged with keeping a roof over the heads of his younger sister and brother. Initially finding work as a barkeep in Okh with the nickname of Froth; he became notorious as the child of a giant, as even at twelve he stood a head above most men and spoke with the diction and tone of a Colossal from Tharador. In the event he did have to get hands on, he almost always succeeded, though bears a few scars from the times he didn’t. It was after he had dealt with ruffians from the Vilag Vlada Leagaja mercenary company that his calling came to him. When the squad returned to their barracks covered in bruises, their officer couldn’t believe that a boy of thirteen had done it to them.

When seeing the sight for himself, the officer was impressed instead of angered. He offered the boy a job with a wage tenfold more than what he made at the bar, and Froth happily accepted. Rarely did he venture away from Arrakana though, and if he did it was mostly to nearby lands. This allowed him to often visit his younger siblings who were now ten and eight, but for whom he had the coin to pay for a full time caretaker for both of them. Many years have passed since then and both his younger siblings aim to become scholars, paving a way for a brighter future for all of them. Froth hopes to keep them safe as war brews across Arrakana. With the dawn of an Orc invasion, it seems he will be cast into the fray very soon.

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