Kilgoola – Orcish Dragon Turtle


Dragon Turtles certainly aren’t a common sight in the sandy dunes of Berogtor. Kilgoola was born near the inland Orange Sea that sits on the barren land’s south. It’s first moments were in captivity, part of an experimental animal taming program purported by the Yellow Orcs. Still, it received better treatment than most beasts in captivity on Minera, and now acts as a war beast for Bruz the Basher.

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The full story

Kilgoola – Orcish Dragon Turtle

From the shores of the Orange Sea, a new life stirred amid the coastal sands of the arid land of Berogtor. Kilgoola, a dragon turtle hatchling, took her first breath under the watchful eyes of the Yellow Orcs, her emergence from the shell a spectacle of both awe and ambition. Not by accident was she born into this land far from her typical domain. Her egg, sought after like a treasure, had been carefully relocated as part of an ambitious endeavour, a scheme that intended to tame the untamable.

Kilgoola was the heart of this experimental taming program, a precious asset of the Yellow Orcs who dreamed of harnessing the raw power and ferocity of nature’s most formidable creatures. Unlike her brethren in the wild who enjoyed boundless freedom, she was swathed in chains from her nascent days. But despite her captivity, her caretakers were not cruel. They treated her with a cautious respect that teetered on the brink of reverence, their fearful admiration reflecting in the painstaking attention given to her upbringing.

In the hands of the Orcs, Kilgoola grew under the harsh Berogtor sun, her scales shimmering like molten gold against the sandy dunes. With each passing season, she became more majestic, more fearsome, her once small body evolving into an imposing silhouette against the sea’s horizon. Even in captivity, she carried a regal air of freedom, a testament to the wild essence that dwelled within her.

When Bruz the Basher, the powerful and respected Second In Charge of Gazza’s Gore Boiz, first saw Kilgoola, he felt an unexpected kinship. He too knew the burden of expectations, the weight of birthright, and the desire to carve his path. He understood her silent defiance and admired her resilient spirit. So, when the time came to assign the matured Kilgoola to a master, Bruz volunteered without hesitation. The bond between them was immediate and profound, an unspoken mutual respect echoing in their shared glances.

Kilgoola was no longer a captive dragon turtle but a war beast serving beside Bruz. Her immense strength and indomitable spirit made her an invaluable asset in the battlefield, her terrifying presence a formidable deterrent to foes. Together, Bruz and Kilgoola marched to war, their shared destiny intertwined in the sands of Berogtor.

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