Gobz of War


The Goblins of Gazza’s Gore Boiz. They act mostly as fodder and scouts. Goblins have always sat on the lowest rung of Khuraltai’s hierarchy. The Orcs see the Goblins as pests hanging onto the coattails of their success in founding and upkeeping the marvel that is Khuraltai and the most coherent Orcish society on Minera. Without the Orcs, the Yellow Goblins of Berogtor would likely be living in caves or dugouts beneath the sands. Though the Goblins aren’t incredibly fond of where they do find themselves: sleeping with rats in the lowest tier of the mountain city where light seldom treads. But when fighting emerges, the usually docile and mischievous Goblins become rabid and unhinged; baring little regard for their own lives or safety. It is for this reason the Orcs see them as such exceptional fodder.

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The full story

Gobz of War

In the shadowy depths of Khurultai, a teeming mass of mischievous eyes glow in the scarce light. These are the Goblins, the Gobz of War, the cannon fodder of Gazza’s Gore Boiz. Their life in the labyrinthine underbelly of the grand mountain city, where the gleaming light of the sun rarely dares to tread, has shaped them into beings as tough and resilient as the rock that shelters them.

Goblins, always on the lowest echelon of Khurultai’s societal ladder, lead a hard life, filled with strife and struggle. Despite this, they are not without their own form of pride and determination. For as the Orcs built the city and the complex society, it was the Goblins who burrowed the tunnels, who scouted the darkest corners, and who protected the city when the Orcs rested. Without the Goblins, Khurultai would lack the intricate network of secret passages that define it, and perhaps, even the early warning system against the hidden threats of the desert.

In the heart of this huddled community, the Goblins find comfort in shared misery, an odd sense of belonging which is absent elsewhere in Minera. They reside alongside rats and other creatures, echoing the toughness and survival instinct of their unwanted roommates. Yet in this squalid existence, they discovered the formidable essence of their nature.

When war drums thunder across the vast expanse of Berogtor, the Goblins transform. The timid creatures that scuttle through the underbelly of Khurultai become wild, rabid fighters. Their fear of the dark vanishes, replaced by an unhinged bloodlust that the Orcs have learned to harness to their advantage.

It was Bruz the Basher who first recognized the Goblins’ potential for warfare, the Second In Charge of Gazza’s Gore Boiz having witnessed their fearlessness firsthand during the Goblin Insurrection. It was this event that changed the dynamic, where the Orcs began to see their smaller counterparts as more than mere pests, but as valuable, albeit expendable, foot soldiers.

So, from the dark corners of Khurultai, they emerge. Armed with crude weapons and a surprising will to fight, the Gobz of War bring chaos and havoc upon their foes. Though seen as fodder, these Goblins are the unsung heroes of Khurultai, their sacrifice often overlooked but crucial to the survival and success of the Orcs in Berogtor.

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