Avia Shun – Air Elemi Aeromancer


An Air Elemi raised in the lands of Vergso Mene, Avia was but a lowborn child of a Sun Elf father and Air Elemi mother. She had no talent for aeromancy nor for any magic as a child. Her mother however filled Avia with encouragement to follow her dreams from a young age, even if at times it felt her pursuit of magic was hopeless. With hundreds of years to hone her craft, Avia is now a deft Aeromancer and an asset to the VLL

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The full story

Avia Shun – Air Elemi Aeromancer

The Sun Elves of V’rena Nor and the Elemi of Vergso Mene have often intermingled. The Elemi require mundane non-elementals to produce offspring, and the Elves have often provided this for them. Though it is seldom that such transactions blossom to love, as did the case with Avia’s father and her mother. Her father became infatuated with the Air Elemi woman he found himself with, and also took well to the exotic culture of the elemental people.

So Avia became one of few Elemi in Vergso Mene to be raised by both of her parents. This was at times shunned for it was said that a non-elemental parent would corrupt the essence of Maethromin that dwelt in Avia’s soul. Avia thought this was true for a time – her elemental powers were weak; she held little harness of any form of wind, and no mastery of Minera’s Breath. She seemed almost inert. Childhood was hard for her because of this, but the bullying and beatings she received didn’t deter her.

Instead she focused, and honed herself. Months were spent pouring over tomes and books her father had on magic, and she would dedicate herself to the Temples of Wind as a cleaner, but spent much of her time observing the aeromancer’s there and carefully studying their posing, their pronunciation and envisioning the air warp around them. Finally she became a student herself, studying under the tutelage of many grand masters before her. After centuries of study and perseverance, she is now an adept Aeromancer, finding employment in the Vilag Vlada Legaja’s beast hunting section, using her skills to disable and control unruly, dangerous creatures.

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