Bruz the Basher – Second In Charge


Bruz was raised in the high tiers of Khurultai, one of many sons of the High Shaman of Kheppy, the lonely god. The position Bruz held in society from this resulted in him and his siblings being raised like royalty, though Bruz cared little for it. He always wanted to be far away from the city, in the sands of Berogtor among a war party or clearing through the Pass of Kheppy to Arrakana. He was granted such a wish, as he often was, and assigned to the warband of Gazza’s Gore Boiz. Quickly he impressed the Warmaster, earning the title of Gazza’s Second in Charge.

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The full story

Bruz the Basher – Second In Charge

The Orcs of Khurultai in Berogtor are much more developed than the commonfolk of Edrador know. The society is very hierarchical, with a caste system that denotes the belonging of the city’s residents within its tiers. Near the top of this hierarchy sits the Shaman Caste, those who fulfil the religious and humanitarian needs of the city. It’s to this caste that Bruz the Basher belongs, though he no longer fits within it. His father was one of the High Shamans of the Followers of Kheppy, the lonely god. Bruz always hated the royal treatment he and his many siblings and half-siblings received simply for being the Shaman’s children, despite having no deeds or note to their names.

With much protest from his father, Bruz requested to enter military training at the age he should’ve been learning key shamanistic rituals. He went through a year of rigorous training, turning his portly round body into a wide bear-like physique with unrivalled strength. This display of the Orcish physique was a spectacle to behold, and Bruz often demonstrated it by tearing the limbs of their enemies apart with his bare hands, or breaking thick logs over his knees. This had him assigned to a renowned warband called Gazza’s Gore Boiz, a contingent of Orcs that were training and readying to leave their homeland to begin new settlements in the sparsely populated land of Arrakana on the other side of the mountain range that Khurultai sat on.

As the campaign began the Orcs were halted with a Goblin Insurrection during their trek through the great tunnel that cut through the mountain. The events of this insurrection caused the campaign to be delayed by several months, as thousands of goblins were slain in infighting, causing a considerable loss to the frontline fodder of the Orc army. It was in these events that Bruz earnt his reputation, after single handedly killing both Goblin leaders by bashing their skulls together until they were paste in his hands. This act also saw him noticed by Gazza himself, and Bruz was thus told to stand at Gazza’s right hand when the campaign commenced, becoming the Second In Charge of Gazza’s Gore Boiz.

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