Glynbel – Priestess of Brinilmin


Born on a full moon within the glowing waters of the river Prendael, Glynbel was raised from birth in the love and care of the Brinilmin Church. Those dedicated to worshipping the divine entity of Brinilmin that imbues its magical essences into the waters of Leacianus. Glynbel, now coming of age acts as a Priestess within The Magistrates, continuing her path towards the title of Matriarch she learns under the wisdom of the Blind Seeress, Irivyl as she fulfils her duties to Brinilmin.

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The full story

Glynbel – Priestess of Brinilmin

The moon is sacred in Leacianan culture, for in its fullness the fonts of Breath that course through the veins of the Prendael River are visible to all eyes, glowing violet in hue when the moon’s light shines on them. Glynbel was born on such a night, her mother going through labour within the waters of the river. Thus when Glynbel was born she shone white and violet, and her mother named her for the light of the moon.

The tale of the babe’s birth reached far and wide, until the ears of Brinilmin’s Church caught whispers of it, traveling to the small village of Glynbel’s family and brokering a deal that when the child would come to ten years, it would join the church in training and her family would be forever provided for by Brinilmin’s disciples. Thus they accepted and ten years after her birth within the river, Glynbel and her family moved to the capital of Nirloom where she underwent training to harness The Breath with the church’s highest members overseeing her personally. Glynbel nor her family understood her importance for many years, though at the age of forty as she begun to reach the time of her adulthood, she was finally given guidance.

Brinilmin’s essence was said to flow within her, something confirmed by all that had tended to her. Though she never felt as such, part of the divine’s soul intertwined with hers, making her a holy relic to be cherished and protected. The church saw that the Triumvirate cared little for Brinilmin’s church save for when they are needed in times of war. The Nirloom, Arch Marshall and Arch Holder are not of holy practice despite their appearances. With Glynbel they could in secret raise her to become its fourth or sole member and restructure the kingdom’s love for Brinilmin once again, shying away from war and power and becoming inner-focused as they were before.

So Glynbel trained, in war, Breath, court and lore. One day she would rise to be the incarnation of Brinilmin to end the war, though that was a future she felt would never come. The responsibility was immense yet she clung to it each day, ready to leap the moment it presented itself. With her whole life she had been told she was destined for an apparent greatness that felt as though it would never come. Seeing her grow restless, vain and eager, the Church placed her under the tutelage of Seeress Irivyl, for the blind lady could see into the depths of Glynbel and the turmoil her soul would suffer with Brinilmin’s better than any other. A brash and headstrong girl was brought before Irivyl, and she molded Glynbel into one of patience, thoughtfulness and humbleness. As priestess she now conducts services within the temples of Brinilmin across Nirloom, but none beyond the Church and Glynbel’s family are privy to her true nature and excellent abilities as both a fighter and Breath-wielder.

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