The Scourer – Glaive Artillery


Glaive Throwers form the backbone of Leacianus’ military. Enormous siege machines with anti-infantry design, they are made to clear swathes of men or forest and break down the hope of enemies. No crew is required physically to man the Glaives, as they are each held together with an arcane core within that uses telepathy to load, aim and fire any glaives. The results are horrific, with the glaives each imbued with a magic that prevents any harm they deal to be unhealable unless such magic is first dispelled. This results in extraordinary loss of life even beyond the initial hits that bisect dozens unfortunate enough to be caught by them.

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The full story

The Scourer – Glaive Artillery

The most infamous machine of war of the Leacianans. The Scourer’s as they are known by the soldiers of the front line hold great appreciation for them. They are quick to rout most enemy forces before they can descend on Leacianus positions, or inversely clear enemy fortifications for Leacianan infantry to mop up. With full autonomy, the scourer’s require no crew to man making them difficult to destroy even if enemies do close the distance as only the arcane core beneath its structure will see it disabled.

Though in this case the Glaive Throwers are at the detriment of the Leacianan’s with the awakening of Arcelen who is able to corrupt their cores, taking control of them for himself and using them against any forces it deems its enemy, be they human or elf. Any injury sustained by the glaives are life-threatening, even the slightest cut cannot be healed naturally or by magic unless the arcane-lined wound is dispelled before healing is attempted. Otherwise the cut will continue to reopen or fail to close.

Men have been known to lose their lives over minor wounds that failed to halt any form of bleeding, though at this stage in the war most Coalition forces are aware enough of Leacianus’ tricks that their medics carry liturium powder to remove the enchantments of the wounds.

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