Hyan – Blink Hound


Through years of selective breeding and arcane infusions the seers of Leacianus were able to create a breed of dog that can tap into Minera’s Breath in similar ways to themselves. Though their ability is rudimentary it gives them a competitive edge over most wildlife and the hounds act as superior hunting companions and provide effective mobility in battle to overrun enemy positions when unleashed by the dozens. Hyan is one such Blink Hound, though an older breed he was made stronger than the new pups that brave the front lines of war.

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The full story

Hyan – Blink Hound

When the waters of the Prendael River are drank they are said to infuse their drinker with Minera’s Breath, giving reason to the High Elves of Leacianus’ apt wielding of the Breath. Though this too affected the creatures that dwelt around the river and drank from its waters: birds, wolves, insects, plants, even fish were all infused with Breath, transferring to any that consumed these creatures as well. It was not until many centuries had passed that the Leacianans discovered the true extent of this power, and they begin breeding it into domesticated animals and artificially infusing it in some.

Hyan is one such hound that is the result of centuries of such selective breeding. The magic that courses through him is so strong that it physically seeps beyond his fur. For Hyan and his kin, the Breath is to them as scent and taste are to a regular wolf. Using spells comes as second nature to them, though Hyan is particularly special for his ability not only to blink as well as he can run, yet also summon other spells both basic and powerful, giving him the gift of language when talking to his masters.

He acts as the personal dog of Marshall Aulten now, a fate that he is not overly fond of after decades of freedom in roaming the land as a tracker and hunting hound, yet preferable to being sent to die alongside a dozen of his kin in the war.

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