Zyril the Spellknight


Known among many of his comrades as Byrè-Myn Fyreth, One-Man Army. Zyril is infamous for his single hold out in the town of Tara when it was first assaulted by Coalition forces. It is said single-handed he slew nigh a hundred soldiers who tried to force themselves into the bedchamber of the Syrintir’s keep until finally he cast a portal that allowed himself and the dozen nobles trapped within to escape to Nirloom. Knighted for his bravery, Zyril suffered grievous wounds in battle. Earning favour with the Syrintir’s they negotiated for him to never set foot on the front lines again, instead serving til the war’s end as their daughter Irivyl’s bodyguard, the Blind Seeress. Now amongst the Magistrates he remains, an elf of which few words escape his mouth, though within his mind many are spoken as constantly he recalls his brush with death and the enduring desperation that clung him to life.

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The full story

Zyril the Spellknight

Zyril was born a commoner of Tara. In his youngest days he could recall great feasts along the Prendael River and the endless summers and springs of joy brought about by the fair moods of the Nirloom at the time. Though when the Liturium War erupted this turned bitter and cold. The town of Tara became a staging ground for the war. Feasts no longer were held near the river as military tents lined it for miles. Even the festivals within the city were kept from celebration as fears grew that an infiltration into Leacianus could see a heavy body count at such a gathering.

When the counter-attack by the Coalition began against Leacianus, the Triumvirate became desperate for soldiers after suddenly losing thousands. Zyril and all his friends were drafted from Tara, put to work in one way or another. Zyril and many of his friends from childhood were assigned as a guard regiment in Tara, though still some were sent off beyond the Dome of Leacianus, never to be seen again. When the humans had eventually advanced to Tara, any hopes Zyril held of seeing through the war’s end without battle were dashed. The human assault was calculated and formidable. Siege Engines set ablaze the town and all gates were breached simultaneously as infantry poured within the walls.

Zyril and his regiment fought bravely but many were cut down in the streets, calls came across the city from the Seer of the Syrintir family requesting all civilians and soldiers to retreat to the keep. There Zyril fled with any survivors from his group, mounting a last desperate defense within its walls. The Seer that had called them was slain by an explosive trebuchet shell before Zyril arrived, resulting in none having the means to escape the keep as they accepted their fate: the humans saw no reason to show mercy in Tara, when no mercy was shown to them in Huvuden.

As the keep was stormed, hundreds of soldiers fell as Zyril took to securing the Syrintir family with his regiment, taking action of his own and holding them up within the bedchamber. When finally they were discovered and Zyril was wounded, his body erupted in magnificent violet fire as he begun darting and blinking through the forces within the keep, cutting down nigh a hundred men in only seconds. When he had returned to the room, eyes hued lilac, his opened a portal with his offhand and motioned all survivors within. Then stepping through himself, closed it.

Arriving in the courtyard of Nirloom’s keep, the Syrintir family bowed before him, thanking him for his aid, though truthfully Zyril in such a state felt as though it were a dream. He had never experienced such a thing before, nor had he ever held much talent for Breath wielding beyond basic illusions and enchantments. Regardless the Syrintir vouched for him, having him knighted and assigned to safeguard their daughter, the Blind Seeress Irivyl until the end of the war. Tara was lost and they saw that Zyril deserved a peaceful life after all he had endured in the battle, and they knew that their daughter ran the risk of being a high value target with men now within the Dome. Zyril would be as good as the best Marshall’s to protect her. He stands closely by her side, and never utters words without being asked, though his mind constantly wanders in turbulence trying to recall his actions that day.

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