Elexana – Arcane Ranger


An expert scout and markswoman with a powerful control of magic. Elexana is one of the Magistrate’s greatest tools for uncovering information about enemy positions and eliminating or capturing person’s of interest. Though becoming a killer for the ruling class of Leacianus was the last thing she would have wanted several years ago, it is the only choice left to her now.

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The full story

Elexana – Arcane Ranger

Elexana was born in the Formeni city of Huvuden to a High Elven merchant couple that had moved to the human land when Leacianus began its first trade routes with the outside world in the Third Century of the Third Era. From there they sold many wares of Leacianus to the humans of Formen. Time there was peaceful, Elexana had a childhood filled with warm memories between her family and friends in Formen and trips to see her kin in Leacianus. She never held great fondness for the craft of her parents, taking better liking to the hunting customs of the Formeni. She became a great trapper and hunter, infusing her techniques with her ancestral gifts of the Breath, elevating her leagues beyond even some of the greatest hunters in Formen’s north.

When news reached Huvuden at King Hjolmir’s death at the hands of the Leacianan Arch Marshall, rage erupted in the streets. Elexana did her best to save her parents and other high-elves in the city from the angry mobs that stormed their homes, but it was in vain. Dozens of elves were murdered in their homes that day, Elexana escaping into the nearby woods when she realised all was lost. Only a day later she watched in greater horror as fire poured forth from Leacianus, machines of war engulfing Huvuden in flame and tearing the city apart in war. She was captured by scouts as she tried to flee, given a chance of serving in the Triumvirate’s Army or facing trial she chose the former, reluctantly. She fell no ill will towards humans, for to hate them all like they had hated her family despite hours before calling them neighbors would mean her to be a hypocrite of the highest order.

She instead chose the most opportune scenario laid before her, and though reluctant her survival skills and knowledge of Northern Formen proved invaluable to the scouting troops she was paired with. She made such an example when she saved the life of Marshall Aulten in a small skirmish after he had been wounded with a poisoned arrow. Elexana recognised the strong scent of Coral Venom and extracted it with quick use of the Breath before the venom could spread to his heart, surely killing him.

For this Aulten promoted Elexana to his own personal body-guard. Making her a member of the Magistrates and keeping her constantly at his and the Triumvirate’s disposal for missions of scouting, assassination and retrieval. During the one year ceasefire, Elexana was responsible for tracking any troop movements along the border, and it was thanks to her reports that Leacianus was able to pre-empt the ceasefire breaking when Formen had bolstered its forces near Huvuden once again. Though her advice fell onto the deaf ears of the High Marshall at the time, and his failure to listen to her saw her master Aulten promoted to the position. Now she resides with him in Nirloom, spending much of her days in war meetings and seer sessions with the Blind Seeress.

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