Irivyl – The Blind Seeress


Born blind to noble parents, Irivyl was kept cloistered for many of her earliest days. When she drowned within the Prendael River as a child, she awoke with sight blessed through magic, a miracle. Though her sight was not that of any regular elves, she could see Breath and any beings it coursed through. Magical items, any living creatures and magical spells became her vision. With this she became a wonder within noble courts, able to instantly discern the properties of magical artifacts and even uncover truths buried deep within the minds of prisoners without speaking a word to them. Such powers were unparalleled, and she had her own role made within The Magistrates to accommodate her powers in aiding the Triumvirate. Now she aids them directly in the war efforts, yet also is an oracle to some, a truthseer to others and a tutor to many.

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The full story

Irivyl – The Blind Seeress

The youngest daughter of House Syrintir, Irivyl was born blind – quickly told the first she opened her pale white eyes to her parents. Distraught, they felt there was little they could do but bring her up within the confines of their keep in the town of Tara. A fateful day of a river-side feast hosted by the Syrintir saw Irivyl drown within the river when led astray by one of her siblings when she was twelve years old.

A priest of Brinilmin present was able to revive the child’s lifeless body from the water, though her re-awakening was blessed with a new sense completely foreign to her. Sight she could now behold, though ever limited she could see the flowing and mystical rivers of Prendael. Each blade of grass and tree that drank from it too held the same vague image for her. Any that drank its waters or held The Breath within them she too could see. So the blind child became a seer as her understanding and sight of Breath-infused creatures and items was unrivaled. She saw not the physical objects but the properties of Minera’s Breath that dwelled within them.

Magical artifacts she could understand at a glance, beings that held magic within them she could read the thoughts of as though they were a book. This ability became invaluable to the Triumvirate who brought Irivyl to their court when she was still only fourteen. There she became one of their most trusted advisors, used to discern truth and feeling from other councilors and magistrates during hearings and meetings and often she would be used to play people off one another, becoming a tool of politics and scheming more than anything.

Though Irivyl hated this, she longed for the childhood that she had only just begun to live now blessed with a sight and given more freedom by her parents. The courts of Nirloom felt a prison to her, and it was not until she begged the Nirloom at the time for her freedom that the ruler listened, giving the girl a role in The Magistrates that would allow her to travel Leacianus unabated and return to her parents in Tara where she lived happily for a time, though felt a disconnect between the friends she had formed the many years before she left. Thus she was lost, traveling to and from the world of childhood and court politics many times until The Nirloom, seeing Irivyl was unhappy put unto her a ward, Ereveth. A young boy just two years her junior and son of a magistrate, Irivyl was to teach him the art of artifact identification. The two quickly formed a bond and Irivyl married Ereveth when the two were just fourty-two and fourty. Many years they spent together until Ereveth was killed in the Duskweave Campaign alongside their only son, leaving Irivyl heart broken and alone.

Now she continues her duties as Seeress as her only way to continue, though more youth are put under her tutelage every day for the exemplary characters she builds within any that study under her and the arsenal of knowledge she holds for the Breath. Most peculiar of which is Glynbel, a child infused with the soul of the ancient font of magic, Brinilmin. Gynbel gave Irivyl purpose once more and a cause higher than herself.

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