Orodwys – Powered Golem


The main production of Arcane creations within Leacianus are golems such as Orodwys. These act as cannon fodder in the front lines of battle, for easy are they to replace in contrast to the ancient lives of the High Elves. Though Orodwys is unlike many of its counterparts, for it is a prototype model imbued with the soul of a great sorcerer who would see themselves transferred into it as save from a deathly disease that had struck them. Thus a greater intelligence and autonomy is afforded to this particular golem and perhaps greater power too, though it has yet to be field tested.

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The full story

Orodwys – Powered Golem

Orodwys was the name of the Sorcerer whose soul inhabits the Golem. Having contracted an illness of which no healers could ever permanently cure, transference of soul came as the last option to the great sorcerer in a very experimental move that was condemned by many boards of ethics. Progress should not be bound by arbitrary moral codes was the thoughts of those that organised the procedure.

It was a success, for Orodwys now could continue his life and research albeit confined to stone and arcane. Though the Magistrates had else planned for him, with aim to use him in the repelling of invaders in Leacianus’ south. Ignorant to Orodwys who had been in stasis for the entirety of the Liturium War, he was shipped southward to Tara to aid in its defense.

The caravan transporting him was ransacked by Coalition specialists, the lead crate which held him left untouched amidst the road as Orodwys continued to sleep ignorant to what had happened. It was only after Arcelen felt the surge of energy within, even through the lead that the golem finally awoke. Though Orodwys’ own will was now gone, and only in horror could he watch on as the Arcane Elemental controlled his golem’s body, using it against elves and men alike in slaughters which he wished no part of.

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