Byrilwyn – Dragon of the Arcane


The dragons that lived within the mountains of Leacianus were also subject to their bodies and souls being infused with Breath from the Prendael River. So too did Byrilwyn’s ancestors who were often at odds with the people of Nirloom until eventually a truce was brokered between the two. Though as time passed the dragons dwindled from their heritage, each offspring becoming more infused with Breath than the last. Byrilwyn is one such dragon, a young adult attempting to find its identity as an outcast by its own kind.

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The full story

Byrilwyn – Dragon of the Arcane

Dragons in Leacianus were the first original beings of that land. When the elves constructed The Dome that held them trapped within they rebelled, laying war with the Triumvirate in the first century of the founding. Though the two eventually brokered a peace when much life was lost on both sides, the Dragon’s given and taught breath by the High Elves so that they might be able to leave the Dome at will and travel to and fro Leacianus as they pleased.

Generations passed with Breath manifesting greater in each age of dragon. By Byrilwyn’s birth the draconic ancestry had been diluted with the fonts of magic imbibed by the dragons over millennia. Byrilwyn herself is thus not seen as kindred by her still living ancestors. Her mastery of Breath however is stronger than any such ancestors, being able to infuse her draconic fires with any of the elements and indeed cast powerful spells and curses from her draconic breath too.

She wandered far westward to foreign lands over the sea in her youth, returning with knowledge of those western dragons which were revered as gods. She thus aimed to bring her family over the sea with her to a land safer for them as war engulfed Leacianus, though in their stubborness none would move. With Arcelen’s reemergence, she worries that herself and her family may be the targets of his essence drain or domination of their minds.

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