Vraglin Okrod – The Sureshot


A classic hunter, Vraglin stays away from the noise and messiness of firearms like most other hunters do. He prefers keeping to more traditional tools, bows, traps, axes and anything else that won’t wake a whole den of Kopoks if its used. Some in the Ek Viriktar question his methods, but most are young bloods who have spent less time alive than Vraglin has spent in the EV.

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The full story

Vraglin Okrod – The Sureshot

Vraglin grew up in Varekan, the Dwarven port city that brings in most foreign trade from neighbouring kingdoms on the Katarn Sea. Unlike most Dwarven cities, Varekan is almost entirely open, sitting upon a coastal hillock encircling a large bay. Thus Vraglin’s skin is tanned more than other Dwarves, having mariners for parents who brought Vraglin on many trips out to sea.

One such voyage saw Vraglin, his father and two brothers shipwreck after a severe storm, cast far east down the coast of Lo Fuin. Vraglin’s father kept him and his brothers alive through everything, including the dire forests and swamps of Lo Fuin for over a week until they found their way back to Varekan. This moment led Vraglin to believe that should he ever have a family, he must protect them with the knowledge and skills his father possessed. Though several years later, his father passed to a sudden illness and Vraglin’s mentorship ended.

Though his thirst for knowledge still grew, so feeling the best way to learn was through practise, Vraglin joined the Ek Viriktar, The Slayers. Hunters, trappers and trackers who specialized in Search and Rescue, Survival and most of all, monster hunting. Vraglin grew very fond of this, very quickly. His dreams of a family began to fade as his dreams of glory and adoration took their place. He wanted to be the best hunter there ever was, making his ancestors proud. A family could always come later, but the head of every monster mounted on the wall of his trophy room could only be done while the springs of youth still watered his bones.

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