Tarraan – King of Katarn


A great Sea Lizard from the depths of Lo Fuin, none match the legend of Tarraan that is told by sailors all over Tharador. A Leviathan with legs, some call it, the Kraken’s Bane it’s known by others. Many chalk up Tarraan as a sailors myth used to impress landlubbers when they reach shore, but any seasoned sailor knows Tarraan is very real. Unfortunately for the citizenry of Varekan, a Dwarven sea town, Tarraan has decided to confirm its existence in their city.

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The full story

Tarraan – King of Katarn

Lo Fuin holds many strange creatures, though none as bespectacled as the amphibious sea lizards known as the Intoli’ed. Huge and often gargantuan creatures that spend the summers eating scores upon scores of fish, squid and even rumoured kraken in the Katarn Sea, before returning to the shores of Northern and Eastern Lo Fuin to nest in winters.

Tarraan is one of the most renowned of the Intoli’ed by sailors in the Katarn, legend of the beast starting after it supposedly rescued a Baldurian merchant vessel from the clutches of a Kraken. That was two hundred years ago, and still sightings and stories of the great beast continue. Whether they are all misattributed from various Intoli’ed’s to a single moniker, or the one King of Katarn is older than any other remains unknown.

Even the colour and appearance of the beast seem to change in each story, some claiming it as white, others grey and even blue. Some still claim the beasts colour changes per the season or its mood. Whatever the case, sailors now attribute many sinkings of ships at the Dwarven port city of Varekan to the beast, with people saying an enormous monster rose from the waves and set their ship ablaze, or tore it asunder with claws and teeth. Thus a commission has been placed on whatever beast is responsible by the Dornat Al Karit crown, so that trade can quickly resume for the Dwarves on the sea.

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