Tergrid Everen – The Crusher


A scribe of the Ek Viriktar, Tergrid stands as a measure of encyclopedic knowledge against the enemies that her party might face in battle. Having studied the teachings of the Temple of Tharanais most her life, Tergrid quickly came to realise no coin could be made as an Acolyte of Tharanais in the Dwarven lands. She entered the Ek Viriktar in a bid to keep her fellow Dwarves safe, and continue her quest of knowledge through learning and regurgitation of all the strange beasts that she would face.

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The full story

Tergrid Everen – The Crusher

Tergrid was one of many children to one of many branches of House Everen, a noble Dwarven House occupied mostly in scholarly activities. From a young age she constantly felt a need to carve her own path, independent from the road her parents had laid out for her and her siblings. Yet breaking from the path to the rugged wilderness was not as easy as it seemed. It was only when Tergrid had finished her studies as a Cleric of Tharanais that she decided to finally step off the path laid before her.

So she left the Temple of Tharanais when she quickly came to realise how little coin she would stand to make from it: while her siblings and parents worked as private scholars, magistrates and mages with vaults overflowing with coin, she lived a measly lifestyle. So she applied for the Ek Viritkar, taking her knowledge of monsters and nature she had learnt in her studies as a weapon against the monster. Even still she hoped that some monsters might lead them to forgotten ruins that might hold invaluable artifacts that none but her would understand the value of.

She felt proud in this occupation, for she worked still as a branch of Dornat Al Karit’s military, defending its people but also in a manner that earned her large sums of wealth and respect. Though she still has yet to delve into the deeps of a forgotten ruin to claim invaluable artifacts, she has a great sense of valuable parts from the monsters they slay, what certain glands and skins can be used for and who would pay the highest price for them. The years of slaving away in study halls and libraries have finally paid off.

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