Karina Remar – The Lost Queen


A mysterious Tiefling from lands unknown. Far East, West or South, none know. Yet her tongue is exotic as like her dress, weapons and jewels. Claiming to come from an ancient line of royalty long since ended. Karina is unaging, claiming to have been born in the early days of the Second Era. She hunts in Tharador for in her homeland she is hunted herself, she claims this helps her understand her own pursuers better and how to counter them.

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The full story

Karina Remar – The Lost Queen

The Anshani Empire once occupied almost all of Western Edrador. It was an enormous collective that incorporated technology and magic to fuel their empire to greater heights than any on Tharador could imagine and dwarfed the Draksborne Empire even at its greatest height. This is the line of royalty Karina Remar is descended from. Though now it is broken, and the once fertile and verdant lands of her birthright are left in dust and ash, petty kingdoms squabbling for succession as the true inheritors of Ashan, though they squabble over wasteland.

It is all these kingdoms that have their own pursuers sent after Karina, for if she were to be acknowledged as the true heir to the Ashani Throne then their own claims would be for naught. Though Karina has little interest to ever ascend or rebuild the Empire her father left her. She still curses her father for leaving her behind, wherever he went. Because of her life as a Tiefling she was always kept in the shadows, away from the spotlight of courts and intrigue. So it came heavy on her heart when she awoke one day to find her palace empty, her father, mother, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, advisors, guards and even the servants all gone. She wandered through the capital for days, to no avail.

All the humans of Ashan had simply vanished overnight, yet Karina and any Elven or inhuman servants they had still remained. Karina failed to control those that remained, slaves freed from their bondage (though many died trapped in their cells, abandoned and forgotten). So when successor states sprouted she at first tried to ally herself with them as a figurehead, a Queen they could fight for. But none wanted to share power, even if she was the rightful successor. She was hunted to the ends of Edrador before she finally boarded a ship to Sudd Tohst where she arrived in Tharador free from her pursuers.

There she joined the WEHL, in her mind if she was to become a hunter herself she would learn to counter her own hunters in Edrador. The hunts made her feel alive despite the many centuries she had walked Minera. Invaluable lessons were made and as often as she was injured or came close to death, it never deterred her. Now she is one of the most renown hunters in the WEHL, despite her mysterious persona.

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