Gundrin Borgsten – The Holy Hunter


Holy Dwarves are not paid or given the respect that many of their human or Elven counterparts receive. Gundrin is no exception. Churches and temples receive little in the way of donations from Dwarves, so it becomes difficult to keep a lifestyle when working for them. The Temple of Renmaeth which Gundrin resided in could no longer afford his upkeep, and none others in Dornat Al Karit wanted his services. Thus he found a life in becoming a Hunter in the Ek Viriktar, ensuring a balance was always held in Renmaeth’s creations was a way he felt he could still honour his patron.

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The full story

Gundrin Borgsten – The Holy Hunter

Dwarves of Dornat Al Karit have a reserved attitude towards Temples and donations. In older times tithes were set in place to ensure the upkeep of all places of worship though the law was abolished during a time of great economic peril in the Second Era when trade with both Nan Thalias and Baldur halted due to the kingdoms being locked in war with each other. Since then the law was never reinstated and places of worship have run at a bare minimum funding.

Renmaeth’s Temples are where Gundrin was raised, spending several years in each temple across the kingdom until his beard was fully grown and he was instated as a Paladin of Renmaeth. In Dwarvish Culture she is not depicted as the loveable dancing Faun that Elves and Humans see her as, but instead a great and powerful goddess of muscle and metal that carved away the mountains with her bare hands and bore the Dwarves from them. Thus she is one of the more revered of the Tharameni, yet still underfunded.

After several decades as a Paladin subsisting on meager foods in uncomfortable stone beds, Gundrin was told his upkeep could no longer be afforded by any of Renmaeth’s Temples. Dejected, he trotted the streets of Sharprahk, ready to throw himself into the belly of the Endless Forge, yet his leap was stayed by a hunter of the Ek Viriktar. The hunter talked him down, offering Gundrin employment in the organisation, to which the hunter gladly took. Now he still honours his patron, ensuring her creations are kept in check and balanced and often ensuring that the parties he hunts with are never excessive in their methods to the point they might destroy nature or upset the world’s natural order.

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