Misti Cloudburst – Caller of Storms


An Elven Sorcerer raised in Belfrie’s capital of Jochenia. Misti came from two magical parents: her mother an advisor to King Silus himself from coronation until death 30 years later. Misti however did not wish to follow in her parents footsteps of becoming a court wizard, drenched in politics and bureaucracy. After she graduated from the The Royal Academy of Jochenia she sought work that would thrill her, joining the WEHL as a hopeful explorer and archaeologist, delving through ancient ruins and unmapped caves. Though she quickly learnt half the job is hunting.

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The full story

Misti Cloudburst – Caller of Storms

Life as a child of Belfrie’s Royal Court Wizard was not as lavish or luxurious as one might think. Misti loved her parents, though they kept her to a regimented and strictly-planned lifestyle of study and recitals of her magical skills. Misti grew up mostly within the Belfrian Court, though quickly was outgrown by her human peers, having her see many children come and go within her years of schooling for one year of study for a human would be seen as four for her. Her parents would not have her learn at a quicker pace simply because those around her lived shorter lives.

Finally at fifty years of age she had completed all her studies, schooling and university. Many of the children she had started school with were now whittling adults, while she was merely at the start of her own maturity. But Misti wished to see more of what the world could offer beyond the confines of Jochenia, where she had spent her entire life. Leaving Jochenia she arrived in Velandria, joining the World Explorers’ and Hunters’ League as a navigator and scribe, hoping to lead expeditions into uncharted isles or brave the depths of ancient ruins.

She didn’t expect so much of the job to be leading hunting expeditions instead, leading ships through the perilous waters of the Katarn Sea in search of a horror from the Depths or delving an ancient ruin to find the demon within that had cursed the local village. Still, it paid all the same and kept her constantly traveling across the continent, completing the intent she had wished for.

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