Sorngaar – The Cindering


Found in the heart of Karignen, Fire Peak, Sorngaar has been said to be the benevolent guardian of the volcanic mountain for time immemorial. Dwarves have always held the Lord of Karignen with respect, yet it seems in recent times he has grown displeased with the Dwarves. Now he poses a great threat to them and their way of life, and the Dwarves feel they must act swiftly against The Cindering One before he spells their doom.

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The full story

Sorngaar – The Cindering

Sorngaar was a spirit created in the Age of Formation when the fires of Mindoriel’s sword Felawyn bore into the heart of one of the greatest peaks in Tharador. Inside the fire came life in the form of Sorngaar, owing allegiance to none but the fire it came from, honing itself to the eternal blaze for if it died then so would Sorngaar. Thus Karignen has remained an active volcano ever since, and the only one on Tharador. Dwarves used the fires and lava of Karignen in their Great Forge which they built into the side of the mountain, drawing great streams of heat from the mountain’s heart, but rarely entering it directly themselves to save from facing Sorngaar, who often would react to intruders with hostility.

The Dwarves lived in equilibrium with Sorngaar, despite their forge, but recently things drew dire. Eruptions have become more frequent, destroying many of the homes that were based around the mountain and in Sharprahk’s outskirts. The Great Forge within has had to shut down completely, resulting in a huge economic impact on all the kingdoms outputs. Thus with great importance the Crown of Dornat Al Karit has commissioned for the destruction of the Lord, so that operations might resume again ASAP.

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