Verdant Basilisk


An apex nocturnal predator of the forests and crags in the valleys of Eredel. Solitary hunters that occasionally hunt in pairs when mating, two of these creatures are enough to decimate a large contingent of soldiers, making them a terrifying foe. In all of the WEHL’s centuries of history, only seven have been slain, and one captured alive. Their elusive nature makes them difficult to track and hunt.

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The full story

Verdant Basilisk

Within the shadowed forests and craggy valleys of Eredel lies a creature as formidable as it is rare: the Verdant Basilisk. This eight-legged apex predator commands the nocturnal hours, stalking its territory with a deadly grace that belies its fearsome nature. Solitary by inclination, the Verdant Basilisk only pairs during the mating season, a union that spells doom for any who wander too close. A single pair of these creatures can lay waste to a whole contingent of soldiers with alarming efficiency, underscoring their status as one of the most daunting adversaries in Tharador.

The World Explorer’s & Hunter’s League (WEHL), with its centuries-spanning history, has recorded only a handful of encounters with these elusive beasts: seven have been slain, and a singular specimen was captured alive, a testament to the difficulty and danger inherent in tracking and engaging them. Their ability to blend into the verdant environment, coupled with an uncanny knack for evasion, renders the Verdant Basilisk nearly invisible until it strikes, making them a subject of intense study and respect among the League’s members.

The presence of the Verdant Basilisk in northern Draksborne’s ecosystem is a reminder of the wild’s untamed majesty and peril. For the adventurers and scholars brave or foolhardy enough to seek them out, these creatures represent the ultimate challenge. Yet, for the denizens of the valleys, the Verdant Basilisk is a constant shadow of danger, a creature of legend that haunts the night, as much a part of the land’s lore as its physical reality.

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