Midorius the Broken – Juvenile Green Dragon


A young Green Dragon who escaped the dreaded Hollow several months ago, living in the valleys within Eredel Duchy soon after, brought there by a beckoning presence. Though it left the Hollow for freedom, it found itself bound in servitude to a master who held a hatchling, the youngest of their species. Midorius now will do as bid by its master Karthys, whose true plans for it are much more insidious than it realises.

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The full story

Midorius the Broken – Juvenile Green Dragon

Midorius the Broken’s journey from the depths of the Hollow to the valleys within Eredel Duchy is a flight from darkness to a different kind of bondage. Escaping as the Putrid Fog, a malevolent miasma that had plagued its subterranean home, began to recede, Midorius sought the liberty it believed the surface world could offer. However, freedom proved elusive, replaced instead by the servitude under Karthys, a master with designs hidden even from the dragon itself. The lure was a hatchling, the last of Midorius’s line, compelling the dragon into a reluctant obedience.

Karthys, an exile forged in the cold isolation of Khandara’s icy dungeons, found in Midorius not just a pawn, but a vessel. The dragon, unbeknownst to itself, carries within it a nascent plague—a dire concoction of Mindrot from Karthys’s own tormented stay in the citadel, mixed with remnants of the Hollow’s Putrid Fog. This disease, neither fully understood by its host nor its master, represents a ticking clock of calamity that could spell disaster far beyond the Eredel Duchy’s serene valleys.

Midorius now roams, guided by the whims of Karthys, a figure it sees as both jailor and savior. The dragon’s formidable presence, once a symbol of raw, untamed power, is now a harbinger of an insidious threat it unwittingly bears.

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