Green Kobolds of Midorius


Followers of the Young Dragon Midorius, these Kobolds hail from the Hollow: the cavernous expanse beneath Greypeak. They trace their lineage to being spawns of the young dragon’s own great great grandfather, and thus have pledged loyalty to Midorius and his ancestors since. Though their loyalty to him is undying, Midorius sees them as little more than fodder and useful idiots.

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The full story

Green Kobolds of Midorius

Nestled beneath the towering Greypeak lies the Hollow, a vast network of caverns where the Green Kobolds of Midorius have carved out their existence. These creatures are more than just inhabitants of the dark; they are fervent followers of the young dragon Midorius, whom they revere as a direct descendant of their ancient progenitor. With undying loyalty etched into their scaled hearts, these kobolds serve Midorius with a devotion that is as unyielding as the stone of their subterranean homes.

The Green Kobolds trace their roots back to a common ancestor shared with Midorius, seeing themselves as kin to the dragon’s majesty and power. This bloodline connection elevates Midorius in their eyes, turning him into a figure of near-worship and driving them to follow his commands without question, even if it means putting their own lives at risk for his grand designs. For the Kobolds, the hollow promise of a glance or a nod from Midorius is a treasure beyond measure.

However, Midorius’s view of his kobold followers is starkly different. They are but pieces in his grand strategy, small cogs in the grand machine of his ambition. The dragon values them for their numbers and their blind obedience, exploiting their unwavering loyalty to further his own ends. While the kobolds throw themselves into battle with a fervor born of faith, Midorius remains coldly indifferent to their sacrifices, as long as they serve to advance his cause.

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