Kuthrak’va – Dragonborn Pugilist


Known for his boisterous body and aversion to shirts, Kuthrak’va has made a name for himself as a larger than life personality in Draksborne’s north, earning him the moniker “Dragonfist” and a reputation that’s far-spread. Owing to the fact there’s few of his kin in this part of the world, Kuthrak’va is easily identifiable by anyone who has heard tale of him, though usually those tales are bloody, resulting in his reputation being more as a thug than a hero.

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The full story

Kuthrak’va – Dragonborn Pugilist

An exile from his home in Zandoriel, Kuthrak’va set sail to the far off continent of Tharador to live out his future. Hailing from noble origins, Kuthrak’va was banished after bludgeoning one of his family servants to death with a candelabrum in a fit of rage. Having learnt nothing from his exile, outbursts of violent rage are still common for the shirt-averse Dragonkin, who has earned the moniker “Dragonfist” among the townsfolk in the northern reaches of Draksborne. Here many fights and bar disputes have ended with Kuthrak’va’s fists painted in blood.

Still, he is not without respect, if not borne out of fear. This fearsome reputation is what instilled Karthys to recruit the fiery-tempered Dragonkin into his midst, seeing a Draconic Enforcer as further fuel to his claim as a messiah among the people. While Kuthrak’va is not exactly persuaded by the delusions of the self-proclaimed prophet, he is persuaded by the enormous Green Dragon acting as his servant, alongside the mountains of gold.

Kuthrak’va hopes to one day break whatever mindwashing or conditioning Karthys has set upon his ancestral kin, freeing the Dragon and riding it home to Zandoriel where he will be rejoiced as a hero. But for now he bides his time, waiting for the moment to strike or make his move. He dare not do it at an inopportune moment if he can, for it would spell his own certain death and the servant Dragon would likely take no heed of whatever plight Kuthrak’va would put before it, before it turned him into a pile of bones.

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