Ervion ro Estel – Elven Monster Hunter Ranger


A Ranger from Nan Thalias. Ervion was sent as part of an Elven diplomat’s escort, alongside his father which was attacked by a retinue of goblins and bandits near the duchy boundary of Tradver. Ervion barely survived, though was found and healed by a Dwarven Cleric of Cedhelieth. He then vowed to find his father or avenge him, slaying their attackers. Thus he was led into the pursuit against Duke Conrad who ordered the attack against the diplomat, eventually slaying him alongside his companions. Now his place in Nan Thalian society is cemented as a folk hero who drove the blighting Duke from their sacred forest.

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The full story

Ervion ro Estel – Elven Monster Hunter Ranger

A young ranger from Nan Thalias. Ervion’s forefathers each served the nobles of Elen Estel as their household guard, up until the city’s fall some sixty years prior. Ervion was only a babe then, and thus never knew the exquisite grandeur that Elen Estel once was when it was the political capital of the Elven kingdom. He grew up in the inundated ruins of the city, which had become cursed and evil for decades. It was only a few years ago that Erdrydion’s chosen champions visited the city, lifting the curse that still lingered upon it from Quorenderi. After this, many trapped souls were freed and resurrected, and the city began to rebuild.

In the wake of this, Ervion was given a place alongside his father, Andulae, and elder brother, Bertheryn, in the houseguard of a noble diplomat who had recently been resurrected and assigned as a travelling envoy for allied kingdoms. Having never left the surroundings of Elen Estel, Ervion was eager to see the great world beyond, and see sights more beautiful than the foetid, waterlogged town he was raised in. The young elf was filled with hope, and when they left Elen Estel, he dared not look back, hoping their journeys abroad would last many years before they were required to return. Ulinor, the diplomat they were assigned to, promised the young elf he would spend as long as he could enjoying the delights of other realms.

Their first few journeys were uneventful, and Ervion was able to enjoy and sample the local cultures of surrounding Elven cities and villages. Yet even more alien was the human lands of Belfrie across the border. The quaintness of their villages were peculiar to him, even moreso were the “village elders,” who were but the same age as him, and noble barons and counts who had seen half as many summers too. All of it was puzzling to Ervion, though his own elders would explain that age was of little consequence to hierarchy in human lands.

The final stop in Ulinor’s journey would bring them to the trade hub of Tradver in Belfrie’s north, where the diplomat aimed to have a clandestine meeting with the Duke, Conrad Elstein. Though the group would never arrive. Near the banks of the Tradver River, their retinue was ambushed by a coordinated group of goblins and bandits. Ervion was injured, tumbling down the banks of the river, washing up downstream almost a mile later. Tending to his wound with his medicinal ranger training, he trekked on the other side of the river to Tradver, though his injuries weighed him down. He was fortunate to have been found by a Dwarven Cleric of Cedhelieth, Tors, who healed the young ranger to health, and travelled with him to Tradver. Though when they arrived at the Duke’s Palace, Ervion learned that his companions had not arrived.

Ervion thus swore vengeance against his attackers, and found himself soon after in the company of Artemis and Arion who were investigating the recent bandit and goblin attacks on the road. With fortune Ervion was able to find his father and brother, though Ulinor was slain. His kin returned to Tradver to inform Duke Conrad of the events, though this in turn gave a glimpse to the Duke’s darker nature. It was after this that Ervion and his companions pursued the Duke across Tharador, until eventually cornering and slaying him in a cavern beneath a hag’s hut in the forests of Nan Thalias, only a stone’s throw from his home of Elen Estel.

Ervion as rejoiced as a folk hero soon after, and given the moniker “Blightlifter” by his kin. Though they failed in their duty to safeguard Ulinor, his family was pardoned for Ervion’s destruction of Duke Conrad and lifting the curse from the nearby Tryamin Forest.

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