Karthys of Zezima – Dragon Culist


A self-proclaimed “father of dragons.” The delusions of grandeur that this zealous cultist espouse make him seem like a force not to be trifled with, or a raving lunatic, or both. Though at times he can make himself appear cognisant and sane, even charismatic, as he lulls folk into a false sense of security.

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The full story

Karthys of Zezima – Dragon Culist

A fervent zealot whose mind has dwindled into pure madness. Karthys was a child of Alimroth once, an urchin constantly on the cusp of starvation. It was easy for him to be recruited and swayed into a cult of Idinhelieth, where they proclaimed equality for all, and that if he should starve, then so should the nobles and merchants who gorged themselves with butter and fatty meats. It was this cult that was responsible for poisoning the trust Alimrothi had in the resident druids of the Great Pillar of Brel Varda, seeing the Druidic Circle besieged.

Though when it was discovered that the cult had infiltrated Alimrothi military command, the army was quick to purge them. Karthys and a handful of others escaped, but were meticulously pursued over days and weeks, even into the wilds of Mayreth. It was only as they crossed over the icy border of Oldavor that they found reprieve from their hunters. It was here that the cultists began cannibalising one another as desperation took over. Yet still the starved flesh of his kin was not enough, and Karthys collapsed into the snow-laden plains on the cusp of death. He awakened later an icy prison cell in the depths of Khandara, an abandoned Oldavori citadel buried deep in the ice.

He knew not how he arrived there, but while trapped his mind quickly began to perish, his sanity gnawed at by the other denizens of the dungeons. After almost two years a voice in his mind began to try to guide him and win his favour, and his sanity was truly lost. Feeling no other option remained if he were to live, Karthys gave in to the voice, following its will and its every command until it brought him safely out the cursed dungeon, though it now commanded he continue to serve it, revealing itself to supposedly be his deity. It ushered him to travel to the Kingdom of Draksborne, where he would assume a new identity, abandoning his past as an Alimrothi and becoming Karthys of Zezima. The voice even instilled in him knowledge of the Centrali language which he had never spoken a word of, and Draksbornian accent to go with it. He was guided to Zezima, taking a job in the World Explorer’s & Hunter’s League at the voice’s command, until one expedition saw him uncover a horde of Dragon Eggs in a cave deep beneath the earth.

All but one was inert, and Karthys took it for himself. His companions protested, though Karthys gave a rousing speech to bring them to his cause, revealing to them his delusions has a prophet with the voice of a god in his head that drew him here. As they queried him, the voice guided his answers and quickly they were converted. It did not take long for dozens of others to fall in service to him as well. The dragon hatched soon after, and it was then that Midorius appeared in the valleys of Eredel Duchy, where Karthys had made his new home. Midorius became his servant, the hatchling dragon being a symbol of status to Midorius. Now the voice had everything it needed to enact its plan, and Karthys was to be its instrument.

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