Artemis of Canos – Evocation Master Wizard


A banished professor from the University of Canos in Draksborne. Artemis keeps his past a closely guarded secret. What forces have driven him to Belfrie, and Tradver in particular are unknown. Yet the wizard seems to provide magical aid seemingly at random to the citizens of his new home, never charging for it despite finding his home in a barrel amidst the streets of the upper city. Most recently he lead a group of adventurers in thwarting the schemes of the dastardly Duke Conrad, outing the noble as a high priest of Seroca. Despite this, he has returned to his quaint barrel-bound life.

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The full story

Artemis of Canos – Evocation Master Wizard

Rumours carry on the canals of Tradver about the origins of the mysterious Draksbornian wizard who lives in a barrel in the Priest’s Quarter. Artemis of Canos has lived there since the start of the Liturium War, and in close to five years he has earned a reputation as a do-gooder by the people of Tradver. Though much of his time is spent idly enjoying the trivialities of life, Artemis has become known to spontaneously throw himself in harm’s way in aid of various factions of Tradver.

Very seldom does he provide help to those who have sought it from him directly, yet he instead attaches himself to a group or person facing a time of hardship. Even when helping wealthy merchants and nobles, he does not ask for recompense, seeming to be perfectly content with his lot, as little as it is. Some call him a philosopher, others a madman.But Artemis’ motives are entirely a mystery, and no amount of prying has uncovered them, or his past beyond being a wizard from Draksborne.

It was Artemis who began the saga of decrying the nefarious Duke Conrad from Tradver, gathering a party of adventurers to be under his guidance. They found themselves on the tail of an eccentric and strange wizard, who in times of clarity (or sobriety?) will espouse anecdotal wisdom and parables of yore. Yet for all his peculiarities he proved himself a capable mentor to the group, guiding them through treacherous lands across Tharador as their pursuit against the dark Duke continued. With him finally slain, Artemis returned to his barrel abode in Tradver, though was once again pulled into strife as Duke Conrad’s heirs began an insurrection against Belfrie’s Crown. Refusing to be pulled into such political matters, Artemis left the city, though was contacted shortly after by Druids hailing from Brel Alda, asking for the aid of Artemis and those he stood alongside when slaying Duke Conrad. Thus Artemis summoned them from across the continent, travelling to the city of Eredel in Draksborne soon after to answer their next call to adventure.

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