Gatha – Duergar Battlerager Barbarian


A Dark Dwarf who escaped the dogmatic Cult of Irinax in Lo Fuin. Gatha has earned a name for herself as an exceptionally cost-effective mercenary with no banners or borders to bind her. Though she has been known to cause collateral damage on several occasions, earning her a slightly sullied reputation in certain townships of Belfrie and Formen, especially in the wake of the Liturium War.

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The full story

Gatha – Duergar Battlerager Barbarian

Gatha’s story is one of resilience, a tale of fierce independence forged in the shadows of oppression. Born into the confines of the Cult of Irinax in Lo Fuin, her early years were shackled, bound to servitude by the relentless dogma of Irinaxi Drow society. Yet, Gatha’s spirit refused to be doused by her oppressors. With resolve as sturdy as the bedrock of her ancestral homes, she broke free from her chains and emerged from the depths to chart her own destiny.

In Sudd Tohst, a land ripe with lawlessness, Gatha carved out her new identity: a mercenary for hire, her loyalty extended only as far as the gold that weighed her pockets. Her formidable prowess in battle was only matched by her unwavering resolve to never be bound again; neither by creed nor by country. As she journeyed across Tharador, her name became synonymous with a mercenary’s unyielding ethos.

Yet, Gatha’s path has not been without its blemishes. In her wake, tales of collateral damage have etched themselves into the wary whispers of townships from Belfrie to Formen. Her involvement in the skirmishes in the wake of the Liturium War left scars on the land that matched those upon her soul, casting a shadow on her reputation among those who value order over effectiveness.

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