Droggod Tribe – Ettin Savages


In the crags of the valleys across Eredel Duchy, Ettins make their homes, preying upon wandering livestock and poorly defended caravans. Though they are often pursued by hunters from the WEHL, they have adapted to become rather elusive, despite their enormous size, able to blend in with their rocky surrounds with ease and move camps at a moment’s notice, covering their tracks behind them. The Droggod Tribe takes this a step further, having magi in their midst to even magically mislead their trackers, or lull their prey into a false sense of security.

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Droggod Tribe – Ettin Savages

Nestled within the rugged crags of Eredel Duchy’s valleys, the Droggod Tribe of Ettins epitomizes the raw and untamed essence of survival. These gargantuan two-headed giants eke out an existence where civilization’s grasp wanes, claiming the grey, stone-filled landscapes as their domain. They are the undisputed lords of these stony bastions, preying upon meandering livestock and caravans caught unawares. Yet, despite their imposing stature, they’ve honed the art of elusiveness to near perfection. It’s not just the concealment within the rocky terrain that aids them, but also their astoundingly swift mobility, dismantling encampments and vanishing without a trace as if they were never there.

The tribe’s prowess doesn’t end with mere physical deception. The Ettins have integrated a cadre of magi into their ranks, practitioners of an ancient and earthy magic that manipulates the very fabric of reality around them. These mystics craft illusions that befuddle their pursuers and lead them astray with spectral trails, while simultaneously cloaking their true movements in veils of misdirection. To the Ettins, these magi are more than tribe members; they are the weavers of fate, enchanting the environment to ensure the tribe’s continued dominance and existence in a land that would otherwise be hostile and unforgiving.

Perhaps most cunning of all is their use of magic to ensnare their prey. By lulling potential victims into a sense of security, they turn the tables on those who would hunt them. It’s a deadly dance of predator and prey, where the lines blur, and the hunter can quickly become the hunted. The Droggod Tribe, with their mystical might and guile, serve as a stark reminder that even in the Age of Heroes, there are forces that defy domination, creatures that personify the wild, indomitable will to survive, and thrive, against all odds .

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