The Nightwalker Corrupted Forest Spirit


Once a keeper of the forest and a spirit that would tend to the groves and trees of the island, as well as the herder and wise-one of the animals that lived there. Though when the lich Kelathar came to power this spirit was slain along with many other creatures of the isle. Brought back undead, The Nightwalker as it was hence known became a corruptor of the forest and a weapon of Kelathar.

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The full story

The Nightwalker Corrupted Forest Spirit

An ancient fey of Renmaeth’s creation that existed as the keeper of Duskweave’s forests since the First Age. Known by no name other than The Spirit, its sole purpose was to oversee the growth and maintenance of Renmaeth’s beautiful creations upon the isle split from the continent of Mindoriel. So it did for millenia, and even in Baldur’s colonising of Duskweave it remained hidden from the men that began ripping down its forests.

Though when Kelathar, the great lich rose to his power, The Spirit was slain – its presence felt by the immensely more powerful lich. Its soul entrapped within its rotting corpse, The Spirit was risen like a marionette and forced to do the will of Kelathar, including the corruption and entanglement of the forest it once grew and loved. The trees it nourished were forced and warped to Kelathar’s bidding through the spirit, and often they would entangle, choke and kill his enemies who wandered through the thickets.

When Kelathar was slain, The Spirit was finally freed, its soul taking its resting place next to Renmaeth in Syelden: The Endless End beyond the mortal plane. Though as quickly as it was freed, its soul was snatched from Syelden and thrust back into its rotting corpse, puppeteered by the lich once more after its seven year resurrection. Now it does as it did before, turning the trees of Duskweave into weapons against any mortals that still survived on the isle.

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