Deathknight – Morian Fairhair


A once great Paladin of Erdrydion, corrupted and ensnared by the Lich Kelathar after washing ashore in shipwreck over a decade past. The paladin’s will quickly was broken down by the lich, as their will of righteousness was lost to the control of the lich. Thus they acted as the blade of Kelathar, their will too becoming ensnared in the lich’s.

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The full story

Deathknight – Morian Fairhair

Morian was once a great paladin of Erdrydion – thought to be lost at sea after a voyage from Draksborne to Baldur gone awry. In truth the paladin found themselves washed upon the debris filled beaches of Duskweave – unaware where they had landed.. Quickly though the horrific mysteries of where they had landed – an isle lost to the annals of history and enshrouded in fog and mist, the previous inhabitants seemingly all mysteriously disappeared.

Thus as they pressed on and encountered further undead, their will grew stronger: slaying enemies of Erdrydion made them think they were brought with purpose to Duskweave. But as the days pressed on, fatigue and hunger grew. Whispers crept into their mind, speaking in tongues and voices unfathomable to drive their will and sanity to ruin. As swathes of undead fell beneath their blade, eventually the voices’ sources became clear – Kelathar appearing before them, offering their life in exchange for service. Feeling little choice Morian accepted.

In the Battle of Duskweave, they were nigh mortally wounded, retreating deep into the forests – rescued by the Blackborne pack of Werewolves who debated over consuming their flesh, or bringing them to life. With the counsel of Scrag Blackborne, Morian was healed and brought back to health over the coming months. Once on their feet, the Deathknight enacted the dying wills of Kelathar and began their plans to bring the lich back from the grave once again.

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