Paladin of Erdryidion – Yinsylim


A half-elven paladin of Erdydion that by chance was washed ashore onto Duskweave seven years prior from a shipwreck. With the remaining survivors, Yinsylim discovered the truth of the isle lost by time, and banded the kingdoms of Belfrie, Formen and Leacianus together to retake it. Yinsylim himself slew the lich in single combat, wielding his famous relic of Vastergotten’s Vengeance. Now it seems the lich that earned him the title “Lichbane” has returned, and for his own ego he must ensure it’s permanent death.

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The full story

Paladin of Erdryidion – Yinsylim

Raised in the fringes of Karkanoth near the safety of the Vunderwahl fortress, Yinsylim was born a bastard half-elf to a human farmer’s daughter. Even in lower society bastards were seen as lesser, and his grandfather saw that Yinsylim was given to the monastery of Erdrydion when he was still young – to be raised as a guard or agent for the church.

Though his mental acuity was lower than most, he was charismatic, strong and very martially adept. Quickly, he rose to the rank of paladin for his efficiency in dealing with quarrels through brute strength as opposed to reasoning and negotiation. He was crude but effective and was well recognised for it. It was by coincidence that in 3E300 when travelling from Baldur to Draksborne his ship was wrecked upon Duskweave Isle in a storm. The isle was not known on any maps of Tharador nor in the minds of any of the other survivors of the shipwreck. He and the survivors soon learned of the isle and its nature as a curse and void in history. There they encountered spirits, ghosts, werewolves and a coven of vampires
that were friendly to the survivors for they fed solely off the werewolf packs they saw as cattle.

Yinsylim and the remaining survivors alerted the governments of Belfrie, Nan Thalias, Formen and Leacianus of the isle, the four joining together in coalition to clear the isle of undead and begin their own colonisation after discovering it was the sole source in Tharador to supply the precious anti-magic metal of Liturium – knowing it had been lost to time. Yinsylim himself slew the lich Kelathar that had placed the curse and risen the dead from the isle – though now seven years later he has heard of its re-emergence and made his way there once more to ensure that his namesake of Lichbane was not in vain.

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