The First Vampire – Almenhier Thrasliche


The first vampire born from Myrothlir during the Age of Creation. His devotion to the divine of undeath severed and freedom bestowed unto him by Tharador, Almenhier grew to hate his kindred and has since used his own immortality to hunt vampires, and all other manner of Myrothlir’s creations, vowing never to feed upon humans unless in the most dire circumstances or they were men of evil.

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The full story

The First Vampire – Almenhier Thrasliche

Once an elf in the age of creation – Almenhier in his mortal life was a protector of The Dindar – the first rulers of Tharador’s first people. He and five of his kin challenged Myrothlir – divine of undeath and child of Mindoriel as he stepped within the reaches of what is now northern Baldur. Almenhier was the first to be slain by the divine, having his spine punctured with a dagger coated in the divine’s own blood. Each him and his five kin suffered the same fate, being risen as beings of Myrothlir and the original six vampires to walk Minera – all future vampires being descended from them.

Though Almenhier was more fortunate than his brethren – as he lead the armies of undead in a scouring across Tharador, he was entrapped by Erdrydion & Horauthin, impaled and killed though his soul freed by Tharador. On his regeneration he swore a vengeance against Myrothlir and his spawn, and vowed the rest of eternity to be spent seeing to the end Myrothlir and his spawn.

Thus Almenhier is one of the oldest beings to walk the earth, dedicating his time to purging those like him, including his own spawn and family from milenia down the vampiric bloodline. Most recently he has heard of the re-emergence of undead on Duskweave Isle, and has forged an uneasy alliance to be rid of them with Yinsylim Lichbane. The paladin shares Almenhier’s goals yet sees Almenhier as equally a target as any other undead.

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